Europe’s leading post, content preparation and distribution facility


The problem that many clients face is simply ‘where to start?’

At Loft London we aim to make the process of asset acquisition as painless as possible. Whether your content is currently on tape or on file, close to hand or on the other side of the world, Loft London can implement a stress-free, seamless ingestion process - be it on an individual asset basis or as part of a large scale, bulk ingest workflow. We can then provide a choice of searchable storage options dependent on how you intend to use your material.


The opportunities to monetise your content are endless - but then so are the number of platform standards and technical specifications they may be required to meet.

Loft London has the tools and expertise to make your material both technically compliant and correctly versioned in order to meet any end users demands. And we’ll do it with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency too.


The ‘management’ of your assets is of key importance if you are to efficiently search and utilise them. Be it the ability to view them as a sales tool, or to monitor and manipulate them as part of a complex workflow requirement or business continuity protocol, the benefits of scalable media management and effective automation are far reaching.

Loft London’s in-house suite of tools - including Prism and Cubix and a range of flexible on and near line storage solutions – can help with this at whatever level your business demands.


From Signiant and Aspera to Smart Jog and Ian (he’s our van driver!), Loft London can deliver your material quickly and efficiently, anywhere in the world. Need to publish to a platform or portal? CDN or Cloud? Even if you just want a single tape delivered by hand, Loft London will get it there.